Funny Bunnies Farm

Purchase Agreement


Rabbits will vary in pricing based upon breed, age, sex, pedigree and bloodline. Often rabbits from the same litter will have different pricing.

Refusal/Modification Of Sale: Funny Bunnies Farm has the right to refuse a sale to any individual without explanation. We also reserve the right to modify the sale at any time.

All Sales Are Final: We expect our rabbits to be sold to the best possible homes and to responsible owners who will care for their rabbit(s). At this time we are not accepting rabbits back into our home. Due to the RHD outbreak in Pennsylvania we are taking precautions to keep our bunnies out of harms way. No rabbits will leave our possession until paid in full. We do not guarantee any rabbits future breeding ability, reproductive performance, quality of offspring, show career, temperament, size, etc. The buyer is buying the animal as evaluated at the time of purchase, without any expectations implied or expressed.  If the buyer is purchasing a show or brood prospect, it is the responsibility of the buyer to confirm that the animal meets the buyers expectations at the time of purchase and that the animal is free from disqualifications. 


Sexing: The sex of the young rabbit(s) [under 6 months of age] you purchase is not 100% guaranteed. It is up to the buyer to check the sex of the rabbit(s) they are taking home.

Health: At the time of sale, we guarantee the health of our rabbits for 3 days from the time of pickup. If your rabbit becomes sick during the 3 day period, we will offer a replacement of equal value. Injuries from incorrect handling or illness caused by incorrect feeding is not covered by our health guarantee. This guarantee is only valid if the rabbit is taken to a reputable rabbit veterinarian within 24 hours of purchase. The seller is in no way responsible for any veterinary fees incurred during the life of the rabbit. It is the responsibility of the buyer to review the supplied care sheet and ensure that the rabbit receives proper care. Proper care includes but is not limited to: a safe, weather-proof, predator-proof cage; good food and fresh water; gentle handling; necessary grooming (including nail trimming). By completing the purchase and taking possession of the rabbit, the buyer confirms the rabbit is healthy at the time of purchase and meets their expectations. The seller will not be responsible for any veterinary bills incurred after the sale of the rabbit.


Deposit: 50% non-refundable deposit is due to hold your rabbit. If pick up date is cancelled by the buyer more than 2 times, your deposit is forfeited and the bunny will be put up for sale again. We accept cash, Venmo, Facebook Pay or Cash App. No money orders, checks, credit or debit cards will be accepted.

Your Rabbit: At the time of purchase, your rabbit will come with transition feed and pedigree (if desired).

Closed Rabbitry: We currently do not allow visitors to walk through our rabbitry or touch our breeding stock or cages. The main reason is to ensure our rabbits maintain good health and do not pick up any diseases or sickness from visitors. Doing this allows us to ensure you are receiving the healthiest, best quality rabbits possible and no sickness or diseases are spread. We have healthy rabbits and intend to keep them that way.


Rabbit Pickup: Buyer must bring a suitable carrier at the time of pickup (ex: small dog carrier, tote/tub, box). If the buyer does not have a suitable carrier, the seller reserves the right to refuse to relinquish possession of the rabbit.


Local Laws: Please check your local laws for information on how/if/where you may keep rabbits, as those laws can vary greatly from area to area. Also if you live in an HOA or apartment please check your lease agreement before placing your deposit. No rabbits will leave our possession until 8 weeks old, this is PA law. 

Pedigreed Rabbits: All pedigreed rabbits sold will retain the prefix “Funny Bunnies Farm” unless another prefix is already in place. This prefix must be retained in the name of the rabbit. If the rabbit has been fully named prior to or during the time of sale, that name will remain the rabbit’s formal name and it may not be changed on the pedigree paperwork. In the event that the seller sells a pregnant doe, all offspring will carry the prefix “Funny Bunnies Farm” on their pedigrees.

By purchasing a rabbit from Funny Bunnies Farm, you understand and acknowledge the policies within this Purchase Agreement.